The academic program at DPS RAIGARH places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualised attention and support they need. Interested in learning more about DPS RAIGARH? We invite you to keep exploring our website, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more. Join us today!


DPS Raigarh, offers the Pre-Primary Programme which inculcates in children the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment. At the school, the emphasis is on developing in students self-confidence and the ability to communicate in English. Teachers ensure this through effective use of language and by encouraging children to express themselves freely.

The Pre-Primary Programme makes use of a range of individual and group activities which create a lively and positive learning environment. Games, songs, creative projects, story-telling, role-playing, drawing and painting help develop children's foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. They are encouraged to play, explore and discover through dance, music, art and craft. Singing, rhyming and reciting are employed in the Language Arts, and the Phonics Programme. The use of manipulative, pictures and symbols helps them identify relationships between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented.

Picnics and field trips enhance students understanding of their surroundings. Celebration of festivals sensitises them to multiple traditions and cultures.


DPS Raigarh, offers the Primary School Programme that encourages inquiry and exploration, and develops children's competence in various skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation, measurement and use of information and communication technology.

The Primary School curriculum offers an exciting and creative learning environment, with an interdisciplinary appreciation of Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, as individual and integrated subjects.

At DPS, one of the top-rated CBSE affiliated schools, equal emphasis is given to individual, small group and whole-group activities, to improve children's ability to work across all levels. Physical Education develops sports skills and creates health awareness. Exposure to the team and individual sports encourage a sense of team spirit, and individual effort and accomplishment. PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) forms an integral part of the holistic development of every student at the school.


Embaricing Challenge

The Middle School Programme is structured to meet children's varied intellectual and developmental needs. The curriculum builds on concepts and skills learnt in the Primary School. It ensures progression and continuity across various stages of learning in the school and incorporates continuous evaluation and review of children's performance.

The main aims of the Programme are developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge. Academic subjects include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, and Geography, Computer Studies, Music, Art and Craft are integrated into the mainstream curriculum to offer different dimensions to the curriculum. Projects, presentations and group activities are more formal and research-based. Inter-house cultural and sports competitions encourage healthy competition and team spirit. Students begin to contribute to class assemblies, concerts and drama productions and take up roles of responsibility.


Senior School comprises confident teenaged children aged between 13 and 17, who are on the threshold of adulthood. The focus at this stage tilts towards academics as the seniors prepare to take their X and XII exams conducted by the CBSE. At this level, students are taught by subject matter experts.

Keeping in mind their interest, aptitude and plans, the students are allowed to pick their subjects from an array of choices offered by the Board. The school emphasis on conceptual clarity and application of learning to real-life situations, rather than rote memorisation of facts.

Co-curricular activities continue to form a major part of their curriculum; however, they are now embedded with communication, organisational and management skills. They are encouraged to participate in, and conduct a variety of activities. Students have the opportunity to interact with luminaries and experts from all walks of life during workshops, tête-à-têtes and assemblies.

They culminate their academic journey in DPS, by appearing for Class XII, after which they are ready to prepare for and join, university education in India and abroad.