Home away from Home" is a basic concept of DPS Hostel, which was situated in the campus in the sprawling lush green environment with spacious rooms and dormitory. Students feel like homely atmosphere under the supervision of Principal, Administrator & the resident teachers throughout the day.

Caring and nurturing family is generally considered the most conductive environment, both by Psychologists and Sociologists for the healthy all-round development of a child in the hostel, where you learn to fend for yourself right from day one and where you meet people of different backgrounds and personalities, can broaden your horizon, boost your confidence, make you more independent and improve your interpersonal skills.

You learn to be tactful and patient and make an attempt to look at things from another’s perspective. Since you have to take your own decisions, you learn by your mistakes. In short, life in a boarding school teaches you all kinds of survival skills.

Hostel comes discipline, routine and rules. A schedule has been strictly adhered to in Campus. Besides fixed wake-up and retiring hours, each hour is accounted. The ability to motivate themselves is another appreciable quality that the hostellers imbibe. The merits of our Hostel system can easily turn into pitfalls if the inmates are not motivated enough. The studies can beating if a balance is not struct between extra-curricular activities and books. Even those hostellers, whho have unpleasant experiences like average and moody, We believe that the trick lies in choosing the right time the right Institution out of weight to the school's reputation, and realising that a hostel can never be a home away home, but is a disciplined home away from home.

DPS is a fu-fledged l boarding school for boys and girls separately and not simply a school, which welcomes boarders. The school’s beautiful seventy acre campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and peaceful life provide all boys & girls with ample green space and fresh air, where they are able to live and learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in large and small cities in India, or indeed some other countries. All students are able to seek advice from the teaching staff, the school Principal and resident teachers living in the school campus throughout the seven day week. The students discover that they have much more time to study and pursue their wider interests.